Our story

We are One among you, living with dreams of food and beverage business, just like you. The conclusion of that search is that we are the ones who will lend you a helping hand, just like a friend, to achieve that goal.

A deep and burning passion for the food & beverage industry has driven a bunch of us to come together and put all of our wisdom on the table. We come with decades of experience, and have set up multiple outlets, kitchens, hotels throughout our careers. Our expertise has been garnered from working as business heads at large restaurant chains. Our hunger to create trendsetting bars, bistros, cafes and restaurants, knows no bounds.


"We will join hands with you to embark on a journey to revitalize and innovate all the projects and initiatives that you hold dear and business need for your kitchen plan, menu, hygiene, cost, product, training, follow up and executions together with your new approach."


Whether our dreams are small or big, we must work for them ourselves. We must toil for our dreams and understand that starting with a modest investment is acceptable. We can start without the need for a million, and without letting some obstacles in the pursuit deter us. Our support is what matters in this environment for you.


We work with expert chefs from across the culinary domain, to help dish out creative and innovative menus that offer exactly what will appeal to your target customer. To keep a guest coming back for more, a restaurant needs solid recipes, a good range of options, and kickass presentation. We’ll also help set up your entire kitchen operations with the primary aim of efficiency


Operational procedures and standardisation are a vital part of the restaurant machine. To keep it running smoothly, standards have to be established and followed through every step. We build SOPs for everything from greeting guests to raw material procurement. Our experience with multinational brands means that we bring the best global practices to the table – across cooking, recipes, presentations, hygiene and safety, complaints management, order taking, payments, streamlining and efficiency.


Your teams are the face of your restaurant, and they all need to be on the same page to be the best representation of your brand. We help you build training structures that bring out the best in everyone and motivate them to keep doing better, thereby resulting in delighted and loyal customers. We bring back of-house teams up to speed on the most efficient operational procedures. Front-of house teams are trained in world-class customer services standards.


Fine Dine / Casual Dine / QSR

Cafè & Bistros

Fine Dine / Casual Dine / QSR

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Food Courts / Food Streets

My endorsers Blessings

Luca Massimiliano Radice

Multi Award-Winner MasterChef, (WMCS) Ambassador/ global judge/ CFS Denmark's Ambassador

With the right guide he will achieve many goals in future. I wish him the best in his future career and personal life.

Krishna Moorthy

Chef Selvom is having a magical hands for making tasty foods. I have experienced his different kinds of foods while we were working the same hotel in Maldives. Some of his traditional indian sweets are more tasty and yummy. I am sure he will get good success in his new venture. All the best Chef.

Alex Christy

Mr. Sella has an extensive professional background in catering, having successfully overseen operations in various prestigious resorts in the Maldives. His experience shines through in his impeccable attention to detail, creativity in food presentation, and a keen understanding of diverse culinary preferences. Beyond his professional attributes, Mr. Sella is also a wonderful friend, known for his warmth and dedication. It's no surprise that his passion for the food industry has led him to embark on a new venture, and I have no doubt that his start-up will be a delicious success!


I greatly appreciate Chef Selvam efforts and thankful always his beautiful, healthy, gourmet meal. Chef Selvam you are a gift to our Resort and wish you all the Best ! Thank you

Meet our founder

Mr.Selvam have more than 25 years experience in culinary world. Selvam is a passionate and seasoned hospitality professional, with over two decades of experience across operations and business development. Selvam has worked with a number of multinational brands – initially managing restaurants himself, then rising up the ladder to lead other managers towards operational efficiencies & profits. He has been instrumental in scouting for the ideal locations to facilitate rapid expansions, implementing & monitoring training programmes and ensuring adherence to the international brand standards & procedures.

As Business Head for a national chain of restaurants, he was focussed on P&L and operational excellence, while simultaneously building and establishing robust franchise models. When he’s not thinking about concepts and bottom-lines, you will find him at the newest restaurant in town, trying out every dish on their menu. With the Batter N Chef, Selvam's years of solid experience shines through – helping clients with everything from conceptualising to putting food on the table. He is also your best beer-buddy to discuss current affairs.


Restaurant Consulting

Opening a new restaurant and not sure where to start? Look no further. Let's get talking.

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Want to explore the world of restaurants but don't have the time to manage it yourself ? Get in touch for end-to-end management solutions.

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Hospitality professionals looking for job opportunities in restaurants, bars and cafes, leave us your details and we'll stay in touch.

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